SumiReamer SR series – Indexable reamers

SumiReamer SR series - Indexable reamers

Achieving high precision machining in ultra-high efficiency machining
Maximum feedrate of 7,500mm/min

Modular extension arbor combined with a shank with run-out adjustment mechanism provides a higher degree of freedom for tool overhang.

2 face tapered contact (HSK standard) is used for positioning with a random insert repeatability accuracy of less than 4μm

Achieving high efficiency with high speed, high feedrates
Compatible with a wide range of cutting conditions allowing cutting conditions and coolant control to be less strict.

Minimum cutting length design eliminates biting or tearing etc. for improved quality and reliability.

Improved reliability in quality and tool life with indexable inserts system, as well as eliminating problems associated with inconsistent tool life of using regrind tools.

ø12.0~30.0mm sized inserts are stocked while ø11.9~140.6mm sized inserts are made-to-order.

Can be used as a self-guide tool by attaching guide pads to the holder