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SEI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a Sumitool Hardmetal Corporation Company. Sumitool Electric Industries was founded in 1887 and thirty years later the Hardmetal Division was established. Intense research and development for the past eighty six years has resulted in Sumitomo producing the highest quality tungsten carbide, CBN, and Diamond cutting tools in the world market today.

SEI Carbide Australia was established in 1973 and we have continued our commitment to Australian industry by expanding our product range to cover the needs of Australia's leading precision engineering companies. We are the sole agents in Australia for some of the leading manufacturers of quality engineering tools including BIG DAISHOWA, the leading rotary tool supplier in Japan.

We are your partners in business and through our highly skilled professional team we offer you innovative products and leading machining expertise. This coupled with the worlds leading suppliers of precision tooling ensures we continue to move towards increased productivity and cost saving in your business.

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