Technology (CBN/PCD)

Technology (CBN/PCD)

"SUMIBORON" is mainly CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), a primary component to which special ceramics binder is added and is sintered under extreme pressure and temperature. On the other hand, "SUMIDIA" is a high density sintered diamond compact of ultra-fine diamond particles. Both of these materials have higher hardness and strength, along with excellent heat resistance, as compared to conventional tool materials.

Product Image


Turning of hardened steel with SUMIBORON inserts

Milling of cast iron with SUMIBORON inserts


Continuous turning of Aluminum with SUMIDIA inserts

Milling of Aluminum with SUMIDIA inserts

To Manufacture SUMIBORON/SUMIDIA Products

image: 1. Fill Raw Material

Filling Up Raw Material

A special binder material is added to the CBN or diamond raw material powder, and the mixture is filled into a capsule with a carbide support.

image: 2. Sintered Under Extreme Pressure and Temperature

Sintering Under Extreme Pressure and Temperature

Using an extreme high pressure and high temperature apparatus, the CBN (diamond) powder, along with its binder material, is sintered at conditions of 5GPa or more, at 1,400 to 1,500℃.

image: 3. Punching machining

Blank Cutting

The sintered compact blank is cut into desired shapes for specific applications by electric discharge wire-cut.

image: 4. Brazing


The cut sintered compact blank is brazed onto cemented carbide or steel etc.

image: 5. Finish machining

Finish machining

The product with the brazed sintered compact blank goes through finish grinding.

image: 6. Finish


The completed product is put through final inspection.