SumiDrill WDX – Indexable drills

SumiDrill WDX - Indexable drills

Recommended Application

Suitable for steel to stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metal machining

SumiDrill WDX with its excellent balanced design, achieves stable drilling for a variety of work materials from general steel, stainless steel to cast iron.
In addition, there are 3 types of original chipbreaker designs available that enhance chip control and lower cutting forces, applicable to low rigidity setup conditions

1. Provides stable and high quality drilling with balanced design

2. 3 types of chipbreakers to eliminate chip control problems

3. New coating technology achieves long tool life with improved fracture and wear resistance

4. Economical 4-cornered insert interchangeable between the center and peripheral edges

Highly durable body with a special hardened surface treatment enables stable and long usage for not only normal drilling but also a variety of machining such as hole expansion, counter boring etc.

3 types of chipbreakers cater to a wide variety of work materials and applications

“Chip Control Grooves” located at the center of the chipbreakers effectively control the direction of chip flow on 3 types of chipbreakers that reduce chip control problems and cover a wide variety of work materals and conditions

L type : for low feed and chip control

G type : General-purpose

H type : Strong edge