Coated SUMIBORON for Hardened Steel Machining

Coated SUMIBORON for Hardened Steel Machining

Recommended Application

The Pinnacle of High Accuracy/High-efficiency Cutting

The definitive grade in high-accuracy machining

Realises long tool life with excellent surface roughness and stable machining.

Further maintains excellent surface roughness

Maintains excellent surface roughness thanks to a coating with high notch wear resistance and toughCBN substrate.

First recommendation for hardened steel machining

Superb wear and fracture resistance.

Along with a tough CBN substrate, the coating combines wear resistance and toughness to realise stabler machining

Achieves long, stable tool life even in high-efficiency and interrupted machining.

Grade for high-precision finishing requiring good surface roughness and finished surface accuracy

Grade ideal for high-precision machining, with highly wear-resistant CBN substrate and coating.

General-purpose grade suitable for typical hardened steel machining applications

Achieves further stability in machining of a wide range of hardened steel components.

Long, stable tool life in interrupted cutting

Achieves long, stable tool life even in workpieces requiring both continuous and interrupted cutting.