• Grooving Tool Holders

    GND Series

    The GND type is designed for grooving and features a single-piece construction made of special steel. This design reduces chatter and also delivers steady performance with turning, profiling, and facing work

  • New General Purpose Grade


    New coated cermet grade for steel turning

  • SEC-WaveMill

    WGX Series

    High-Rake, General-Purpose face milling

  • Chip Breakers

    EF / EG

    for Exotic Materials



    for Hardened Steel Machining


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Recent News

New Stainless steel grades for turning

With Sumitomos new chip breakers and grades chip management and performance has gotten a whole lot better.
Click on the picture to see the new grades in action.

When your applications involve extreme speeds, feeds and temperatures, the use of coolant can enhance your production efforts and reduce your manufacturing costs. By adding reCool to your existing CNC turning and Swiss Automatic machining operations, you can easily remove heat from the cutting zone for better surface finishes, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity overall

The Sintergrip system is born to satisfy the current need to clamp a workpiece using only 3.5mm clamping surface.
Sintergrip works extremely well for the ability to machine multiple faces especially in 5 axis work.
Machine tool demonstration

Sumitomo Carbide in conjunction with DMG/Mori run through a multitude of tooling to show off Sumitomos superior cutting tools and DMG/Moris machine capabilities
Universal grooving system
Universal tooling mate