What Our Clients Say

Peter Soltau
Laboratory Manager
PPI Corporation Pty Ltd

At PPI Corporation, we manufacture a large range of polyethylene pipes for pressure applications, electrical conduit and drainage. Mining, Industrial & Civil applications require accurate dimensioning checks on high quality pipe for potable water or gas up to 800mm in outside diameter. In order to measure the pipe diameter during production on the extrusion lines and for routine quality control in our laboratory we use the Schwenk CJU circumference tapes. The ease of reading and the use of stainless steel material in construction are definitely required in the factory and field environments. We currently use the 20-300mm, 300-700mm and 700-1100mm diameter tape sizes. Both circumference and diameter can be read with a vernier scale down to 0.1mm.

Pneuvibe Pty Ltd

Pneuvibe Pty Ltd, trading manufacture a range of construction tools including, Pneumatic concrete vibrators, Excavator mounted compaction plates, Pile driving plates and Underground boring tools (also known as Earth displacement hammers or moles). Our association with special tools from duMONT arose regarding a special requirement for the boring tools. These tools use a simple principle of a reciprocating piston within a tube, pneumatically powered. Reversal of this tool requires an internal linear movement of a valve. This mechanism is held in place by a “lever action rifle type movement”, in one of the components. This component requires 2 x 8mm keyways in a 20mm bore x 90mm long. As standard pull type broaches are too large for the bore, duMONT manufactured a broach with a shorter length and reduced rectangular size, for our specific requirement. The part is keywayed in two operations in under one minute. This has proven to be very successful, and shows good wear resistance with the coated broach The price and delivery for this special broach through Asher Smith Agencies were also at an acceptable level.

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