dUMont Minute Man Tooling System

Product Description

The duMONT Company, LLC is pleased to introduce a patented solution for effective and efficient broaching and shaping operations on CNC Lathes and Machining Centers as well as Slotting and Shaping machines. The Tooling System is designed to be flexible while delivering the rigidity and performance required. The duMONT Minute ManĀ® Tooling System allows the cutting
of through and blind hole keyways, keyways in a tapered bore and shaped or splined holes. A chamfer at the intersection of the bore and the wall of the keyway slot is also an available feature. The Tooling System enables these additional machining operations to be performed while the part remains in the CNC equipment and its coordinate system, promoting both accuracy and time savings. A Square Adaptor which accepts the components of the Tooling System is available for use with Slotting and Shaping machines. Programming assistance is available,
please refer to our website or call for details.

Available In The Following:

Swivel Bearing Points

The Set Screws are used only in Lathe without Y axis during Eccentric Bushing rotation to correct symmetry errors. Do not over-tighten Ball-Bearing Point Set Screw it must allow the Tool Holder to move up and down as the Bushing is rotated. It is important to confirm the bolt requirements for the existing tooling to be used in the mounting of the Tooling System.

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